Monday, February 8, 2010

WIWOT: LE Posters, round two

Looks different, doesn't it? A totally new direction! That's how it usually goes. Especially when you don't get specific details first. It's never easy to read someone's mind and see exactly what they want. But usually if I get a sketch or visual description, I can run away with a design. Which was the case here. Now they love their posters, and I think I achieved the fun, childlike vibe while keeping adults interested. Check out the rest.

They wanted the colors to really pop, and to appeal to both kids and parents. These will most likely be displayed in doctor's offices, and everybody spends at least thirty minutes killing time in those closets. So we want to make the biggest impact possible, so there's no way anybody would prefer reading a three month old magazine over these snazzy posters. You don't have to be Alice to pick up the READ ME vibe!
This one's my flavor-fave! Sorry, lame joke. But seriously, I love this one! The word jumble, the colors, everything. Even the sparkly stars. I love sparkly. It makes the world better. So that's it for round 2. We may have changes yet again, but I'm always up for the challenge. Especially when it produces pieces like this!

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