Thursday, February 18, 2010

WIWOT: LE Posters, the Finale


Aaaaaaaand.... they're back! After a complete 180 on design, and several revamps along the way we have a final product! And I'm completely ecstatic with how these babies turned out. They are a gem in my collection.  Here's the rest of the collection. To keep things interesting in the rounds of email, I've named them so I can keep track with my fabulous, talented client.

Meanie Greenie. Holds nothin' back. Punchy information, make no mistake!

The Big Orange. Very good for your immune system. An instant mood enhancer.
Pink Punk. In your face and not sorry about it. Enjoys loud music and car karaoke.

Mellow Yellow. Needs friends pretty bad. Help him out with a donation, will you?
Red-Headed stepchild. Prone to fits of fury. Best to placate mood swings with cash money.

The PITA. aka Does Not Play Well With Others. It took us AGES to figure out how to finagle those words into an arrangement that was even remotely pleasing. 30 attempts later, we found it. Our High Maintenance Hottie.

True Blue. Mr. Reliable. Pulls through in a crunch.
So there they all are! I still can't get over how good they all look. I'm ready for them to be pulled off the press and in my hot little hands. Maybe I'll poster my bedroom with them. You never know!

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Stacie said...

Absolutely fantastic!! Love them! And I love love love your names for 'em. Ha!

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