Monday, February 1, 2010

WIWOT: Landon Exchange Posters


Well, quitting my job seems to have been a good idea so far! I've got a lineup of work that looks like will pay the bills halfway through March, and it's only February 1st! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. My first job as a full time freelancer is to design posters for The Landon Exchange (who I shot photos for at their fundraiser last week). They need 8 different posters designed, 3 for recipients, 3 for donors, and 2 encompassing the purpose of the nonprofit. If I haven't mentioned it before, The Landon Exchange serves childrens' needs, be it paying for medical bills or helping them get involved in their communities. 

I've started on the recipient posters. These are the first proofs, so by no means are they finished products. But I thought it would be interested to do posts that cover the duration of a project from start to finish. The concept may end up being totally scrapped, but for now they're a big hit. I was hoping to have a more modern layout as well as some traditional poster elements. But these really need to capture some attention because this fledgling enterprise is going to grow huge, mark my words. And I hope they take me with them!

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