Saturday, February 6, 2010

Save the Date, My Way

And they're off! Well, not in the mail or anything, but off the press at least. I hand screened a hundred and fifty of these suckers, in red and brown ink. My apartment was covered in 100 sheets of freshly inked paper. But don't we make a cute couple? Our kiddos will breathe so easily with the giant schnoz's we'll be passing down! I drew these lovely silhouettes in Adobe Illustrator quite some time ago when I started a fabric cameo project. So when I started designing the std's I knew they'd be perfect front and center. And I'm so in love with the western feel. It totally fits us both.

Hand printing does provide its own series of challenges, however. One being the nearly impossible task of lining up the front and back for printing. I took the easy way out and printed them separately, so I can cut them out and glue them to a piece of colored backing paper. Plus, I am not a machine, no matter what Mr. SD says, and though I can pump out 150 in two hours, they will not be perfect. They all look different. The edge pattern and dotted line was especially difficult. Yet that's what we're going for, imperfections. First of all, 95% of the recipients will be drunk when opening them, and hence will not notice. Plus, they're all country folk and just plain won't care. And since all the main central information is crisp and clear I wasn't too concerned. I'm in the process of cutting out the 300 pieces (because of that whole two-sided thing), but that's my favorite part since it requires watching lots and lots of movies. It's hardly even work when Finding Nemo is on!

I used the Yudu screenprinting machine (like Ms. Sewing!), and as a former Gocco user I must say it was a lot easier for me. I didn't get perfect results, but I wasn't really trying that hard so I'm not disappointed. Stay tuned to see the final product all cut and sewn and ready to go!

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