Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wedding: Pocketfold Invitation Two Ways, Part 2


Your best marketing team is always your family. After my mom showed off my friend's fun pocketfold invitations, I was called up to design another one in the same layout. However this one called for a more traditional take, and in a more cost-effective printing option. So we stuck with black, and added some styling with shades of grey and lots of decoration.
A different take on the map option, since guests were all local written directions weren't quite as necessary. So we scaled down the art and made it all one-sided to cut costs just a bit more. We also nixed the details card to save a little. Everything is customizable according to each bride, so really the budget determines how many pieces, colors, and really everything else.

These were stacked in folded black paper, tied with ribbon and sent in cream envelopes. Same format, very different cost and design. So there you have it! One invitation, two ways.

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