Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wedding: Pocketfold Invitation Two Ways, Part 1


When my best friend from high school was getting married, there was no doubt I'd be doing their invitations. She came up with the idea of doing a pocketfold invite, with all the inserts tucked into bright magenta paper. It was such a cute idea, but oh my goodness were they time consuming to assemble! She had a color palette of pink, orange, purple and black. We wanted to incorporate it all.
We had a pretty purple map with directions on the back on how to get to the ranch.

As Aggie grads, I was commanded not to make the orange too "Longhorn". The details card was useful in letting people know the attire, registries (which I think is so smart, here the etiquette is outdated) and website.
The RSVP was my absolute favorite. They got the cutest responses, little pictures, and stories. All this was tucked into a folded pink pocket, sealed with a sticker of their logo, and tucked away into pretty black envelopes labeled in bright pink. These invitations are the feather in my cap. It was worth every long, long hour of cutting, gluing, and tucking! I'll continue tomorrow on Part 2 of this style.

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