Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wedding: Black and White and Blue All Over

I've heard that when you're pregnant, it seems the world is pregnant with you. Everywhere you go you see babies or bellies or facebook photos of classmate's kids. Well, I'm living that right now with weddings! Seems like everyone I know is getting engaged, and they all need invitations! Which I'll never complain about, since they're my #1 favorite thing to design.
 The best part for this set? I get an engagement session out of it! I'm trading invitations for photography with a very talented friend of mine. Her wedding is set for August, and she's designing the whole party around her stunning vintage-inspired gown. She loves pattern, bold colors, and pretty scripty fonts. I came up with three great options for her, the hardest part was the choosing! But the best part for me is that I can just change the colors up on the two she throws back and sell them in my pre-designed line. Good way to beef up the portfolio too!
And we have a winner! Isn't it lovely? Swirly and girly and bright, just like yesterday. Well, maybe just a touch of bright, but the idea's still there. These will be lovingly tucked into elegant black envelopes and sealed with care. I'm ready to go finish off the suite now!

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