Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spotlight: Web Banners

I have to admit, I really like designing web banners. Something about the compact space, and the overall size of the imagery. It's a challenge. Making them look punchy without the cliche style so many have takes a lot of creativity. But I still love them. Don't these look cute? The one above is for Armed Forces Day, when men and women in the service can take free relationship classes with their families. Love it.


This one has the same principle. Free classes for law enforcement officers. Their jobs present unique challenges, and they actually have a pretty high divorce rate. These classes help families learn effective communication skills and how to cope with the stressful environments they're put in. Plus I just love the font. 


Don't you just want to click on this bad boy? I love the fun font, the cute flowers, and the overall impact this one delivers.

This one is the most classic design that I've done. Standard images, text below. But I tried to bring in fun colors and atmosphere to make it more interesting.


How eye-catching is this? Way more exciting than a standard movie marquee. I played around for a while in Illustrator to create such brilliance. And by a while I mean five minutes. Yeah, I've got a good supply of vectors to draw on. Gotta love it!

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