Sunday, February 14, 2010

Somewhere Down In Texas

I'm a Texas girl through and through. Nothing suits me better than a day on the river in the Hill Country. I'm more excited about summer than I am about the wedding! And if you've never heard of Gruene Hall, then you just haven't lived.
Sometimes spontaneous decisions are the best ones out there. We decided to make the three hour trek to Gruene on a whim after we heard our favorite band was playing. Recognize these guys?
It's the Midnight River Choir! Playing to a sold out audience at the oldest Honky-Tonk in Texas. It might have been because they paired up with Stoney LaRue (I'd link you, but it seems he may harm your computer, as well as your heart ladies!), who has his own cult following. We met up with some friends, and had a blast killing time until the show started. Look, the boy even got his chance to have a camera nearly as fancy as mine.


And of course, nothing completes becoming a hometown tourist like getting a penny smashed with the local attraction. Seriously, if you've never done all the kitschy things in the place you grew up, go do it. It's a fantastically good time! And make an unexpected weekend trip. Especially around Valentine's Day, it makes it way more romantic!

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