Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sad, Sad Day


This is me bemoaning my own incompetence. You see, a few years ago I got wise and bought a portable hard drive to store all my important design files and pictures. It was so cute, and worked like a dream. Then, during a move, I accidentally threw the power cord away. Tragic, I know. I just gave up on using it, and squirreled it away in a drawer until such a day came when I could find a suitable replacement.
Well, today the inevitable happened. I was creating a slideshow that needed to print to a folder on my desktop. This slideshow was named "wedding". I have a folder already named "wedding" that held my save-the-date art, my centerpiece mockup, and loads of other nifty stuff. So when I was prompted to replace the folder, like a moron I clicked "ok" instead of "cancel". Nooooooo! All that work is now lost. Forever. Luckily I made jpegs and placed them in my iPhoto so at least I have something to go by when I eventually re-create the whole deal. But still, I hate learning lessons the hard way. I'll have a new powercord in hand soon so I can boot up the old Time Machine again. So please, back up your files! You never know when a moment of absent thought will screw you out of great work.

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