Sunday, February 21, 2010

Horsin' Around

There's nothing more precious than a baby horse. Except maybe a calf. Or a puppy. Or I guess a baby, but they're all so darn cute!  Sweet baby Chaz was born last week, and is already a peppy little punk. And never strays far from his mama's watchful eye.

Aren't they sweet? He's so rambunctious, he's already running all over the place and playing with everything. Look at him go!

I can't get enough of his little horsey face. Here, take another gander.


The boy, who sees this every day because he works here, was amused at my shutterbug addiction with the little fella.

I think I might have an addiction to freckles and blue eyes too. We had a blast hanging out with the little colt, and taking a ride on a couple of his buddies to kill some time on this rare sunny February afternoon.

Pretty girl Goody even got in on the action. Gotta love a sun flare! But back to the good stuff.

Mmmmm.... velvet noses. And now one more for the road.

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