Friday, February 5, 2010

Do You Know the Way?

To ProviPlace? I'm sure I've mentioned the bridal shop founded by some great women, Providence Place.  I've poured my own little piece of soul into it as well, spreading mulch and sand, reupholstering furniture, painting, and a whole lot more. So, now that I'm gettin hitched myself, they're gifting me with my very own bridal gown! Yippee!

This isn't my gown, but I did have a great time trying it on! Casablanca's gowns are so gorgeous. And luxurious. And...pricey. I just didn't feel right choosing such an expensive gown, and luckily Providence Place has a lot of different options. They even have bridal party and prom!
I went ahead and splurged for the shop's purchase price (a whopping 70 bucks!) on a fun, flirty, short bridesmaid dress in ivory. I figured it would be much more comfortable (and event appropriate) to change into a short little number for the reception. It's much easier to boot-scootin' boogie without a train, y'know? And the fun doesn't stop there. They also have super cute accessories from local artisans to browse over.

If you're a bride ever in the Dallas area, you definitely need to stop by. Heck, if you just need a formal dress, this is your one stop shop! I cannot wait to go back and pick up my dress that was made to my own measurements. It's a dream come true.

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