Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Be Mine

Some of the most meaningful, heartfelt gifts can't be bought from a store. Pretty much everything I give is something handmade. And my first gift to my sweetheart is probably one of my favorites. It's at least in the top 10! 

When we first met, he had talked all about how much he wanted to paint a "word wall". Where he could collage all the virtues he valued onto a wall into a mural of sorts. So, since design is my line of work, I came up with a word card for him, business card size so he could carry it in his wallet. Or pop it into a crack by his speedometer in his truck, which is where every good country boy stores a photo of his lady!

I sat down and made a list of every virtue he embodied. My favorites are the largest ones, not that the smaller ones are less important. These were the qualities that meant the most to me. If you look closely, you'll notice that the background is the same photo as the first. I blurred it out to keep things consistent, and keep it from distracting focus from the words. I printed it out on cardstock, flipping it in my printer so it was printed on both sides. Then after a quick cut I passed it through my handy Xyron to laminate it so it wouldn't be ruined by all that Pabst and Red Man ;) And there you have it! One incredibly affordable, yet high quality Valentine's present. Now if I can just figure out what I'll do this year...

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