Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What I'm Working On Today: Providence Place website

Providence Place is the bridal shop owned by some of my dear friends in Rockwall, TX. They have quite a wide selection of bridal gowns, evening wear, bridesmaid dresses, and cute formals for prom. You can find shoes, tiaras, candles, and accessories in their displays. They also have in-house vendors to make a complete wedding an easy package deal. It truly is a one-stop shop for weddings and events.

When they opened their doors last October, we knew we needed a really impressive, polished look for their website. We used images shot on site with their gifted photographer Elizabeth Stanley for all the headers and detail photos. Don't they look great? I think the site is one of my best so far. Today I'm changing up a little content, adding a news feature, and starting a gallery for the events center and dresses (of which I was somehow tricked into modeling for, so get excited about that!) Honestly there's nothing more satisfying than coming up with beautiful work for a friend. I'm so excited to keep enhancing the look of the site, be sure to click over and check it out!

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