Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I'm Working On Today: Pom Art

My sister got her Pomeranian smack-dab during finals week. I remember that little squeaker crying all night long just before my Art History test. I remember being very upset with the fluffball. After a while my mom got her own too, and they started their own little tribe (even naming their Rock Band the Pommies).

As soon as I began my shirt printing venture the ladies in my family started bugging me for a Pom shirt. Being surprisingly busy it took me a few months to actually sit down and design it, but now I think it turned out pretty cute. It's certainly the attitude these two half-siblings share, they often team up and take down my Boxer, who knew 8 collective pounds could overcome 43? It's a feat of mystery. But I think they'll be happy with it when I hand the finished products over. I'm making fleece blankets that will be screenprinted. If they turn out well, I'm pretty sure that I'll add a line for my shop (which is currently inactive while I build up new inventory). Stay tuned for the finished product next week!

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