Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spotlight: Sprout Graphics

My logo makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. This bright spring green is by far my favorite color right now. I have a whole wall painted this color in my room. I'm so excited to build a whole booth around it for the first time. I really haven't done too much building of the brand as of yet, and I can't wait to start this year!

As far as the logo itself, I like the whole idea of fresh ideas and growth. I wanted to make it look floral and symmetrical and snowflakey. I wanted everything to look bright and new! My business card was just as much fun to design. Except way better because there was more green! I love the unexpected vertical layout, and the fun font I got to use for my information. Sometimes it's good to mix it up when it comes to fonts. I can't wait to do more promotion for Sprout Graphics if it means designing fun stuff like this!

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