Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spotlight: Denim and Diamonds

Nothing like a good ol' southern logo, huh? A local private school was in dire need of a eye-catching logo for their yearly fundraiser, and I'm always here to provide. I think logos may be my favorite thing to create. Maybe. Wedding invitations are way up there with it.

This one was a no brainer. With an event titled Denim and Diamonds, and the theme being boots and buckaroos, I knew where I was going pretty fast. The Lakeland Academy logo is the navigational wheel in the background. I incorporated some faint swirls (which look even fainter against the white background, but as it was going on black it popped real nice. Promise.) The very Texan stars paired with the diamond jacks makes a perfect pair. Above would be the understated final version. But me, I'm all about the va-va-voom! Here's what I started with.Not too shabby eh? Yeah. I like it punchy. And the card suits fit me just fine. But, they wanted a more night-time grown-up feel. And being the nice, caring (and paid) artist that I am, I gave 'em just what they wanted. Now if only someday I could find a repeat client that has my exact same style...

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