Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rip Roaring Rodeo

Okay, maybe not so much rip-roarin', or really a rodeo, but the Boy has gotten into bullriding. Oh, yes. Nothing like a man in chaps and a vest hanging on for dear life while a massive beast runs around an arena. So now whenever we visit his hometown, we meet up with some friends and do a little roping and riding. This was the first time I got to play around with my first DSLR, and I think the results aren't too shabby!

He really wanted a picture of his peanut. Isn't he a cutie? This little kiddo ropes and rides better than half the big boys I know. He's going to be such a rodeo star. I see the Buckle Bunnies in his future already...

Gearing up for the big ride. Yup, that's a big one, eh? Since he's technically still a bull he counts, but I see a steer future coming up for him soon...

Sorry for the blurry, dark photo. By that point it was pretty dark outside and the lights in the arena aren't nearly bright enough to illuminate what's going on inside. And my flash only served to show the sand around me. But as you can kind of see, the little bull boy got pretty high! And the Boy did pretty well riding him. But eventually he did fall off, and got stepped on which gave him a spectacular hoof-shaped bruise he showed off to everyone. Because all real cowboy bullriders have hoof bruises, didn't you know? I'm ready to break it out again when they go riding here. Now those are legitimate bulls. It's gonna be a good time!

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