Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quick Fix: Going Out Top

I got this cute black top in college, and it was an old standby through the years whenever I needed to dress up a pair of jeans. Originally it had all the petals covered in those black enamel beads, but after one unfortunate wash (and yes, I am that horrible person who washes "Hand Wash Only" and dryclean items, oh the horror!) the black beads started falling out. I had initially begun to save them with the intentions of super gluing them back on, but like most good intentions I lacked the initiative to ever get started on it.

So one bored afternoon I took out my top, and instead of simply repairing the damage, inspiration hit. Why don't I use nail polish to add a pop of color? So I did. I chose plum, as it's one of my favorite shades right now (and Pantone's too, for the past two years at least). So with very minimal cost, I jazzed up a once castaway and am excited to wear it out for my birthday next week!

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