Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Puttin' My Fancy Pants On

This weekend I was lucky enough to be hired (ok ok, maybe only slightly cajoled) to shoot a fundraiser for my dear friend's nonprofit, The Landon Exchange. And let me tell you, this was one snazzy event. The table centerpieces, in particular, were so cute and yet so sophisticated.

And the venue was perfect. It looked like a vintage gym, with these giant letters and concrete floors with faded basketball lines. There was a country band, great barbecue, and a lot of good dancing. Sounds like a good preview of my wedding coming up!

I learned that it is very very hard to shoot indoors, especially in low light. I've done my best to edit all the photos so they look chic while still being visible. I think I did okay, but I certainly need more practice. I'm still so excited that I got to be a semi-pro photographer. Thanks love! The event was fantastic!

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