Friday, January 1, 2010

New Leaf

Like most people for the New Year, I've got a few goals in mind for 2010.

1) Blog everyday. Nobody's interested in a blog updated once every month or so! I plan to focus on building up Sprout Graphics as a freelance business, and to do that I need to give it some interest. Spice things up. So here's day 1 down, now only 364 to go!

2) Build up the etsy shop. Get a good supply of merchandise and market more effectively. Five minutes no longer means a commercial break. It means five minutes of sewing, inking, cleaning or blogging!

3) Be more adventurous with my cooking. I've been sticking to the same old standbys in the kitchen for the past three years, it's time to bust out the big guns. Watch a little more Food Network during lunch and get inspired. Creativity in the kitchen can give me that extra little oomph with my design too.

4) Eat healthier. One coke a day with dinner, no more sugar crashes after lunch. More veggies and fruit. More water! I've been on a kick of 3+ cokes a day, my 1200 calorie Fazoli's chicken parmesan lunch, and free-for-all dinner. No bueno. Hopefully the health kick will keep me energized enough to finish the Insanity workout round 2 by March.

5) Practice the piano 3 hours a week. I gave the instrument up in middle school, and always felt I've wasted the first 8 years of lessons. So I think 30 minutes a day isn't too much to ask, and at the very least I can round out my skill set a little.

So that's it! Five goals. I think it's going to be pretty do-able. And the good part of blogging means I have to stay accountable! Hopefully you'll be reading this someday in my archives and giggling about my high aspirations. But hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right?

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