Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meet Rory

This glossy little lady is Rory, my six month old brindle boxer. Rory is special. She smells like Fritos. She couldn't be competitive to save her life. She growls like a little gremlin. And she snuggles better than anyone I know, I can hear her snuffly breathing in my ear while she snores on my neck for 85% of the night. While she looks graceful and intelligent in the picture above, this is how I'll forever see her:

Now there's my little turtle! She spent more time trying to run away with trick or treaters on Halloween than begging for the steak on the grill. And that's saying something. But at least she loved her costume. Girl loves playing dress up. And to leave you with one parting image, just so you don't get confused and think she's ladylike, or sleek, or graceful. Really, she's just an old man escaped from the nursing home.

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