Monday, January 4, 2010

Makeover: Hand Me Down Desk

Inheriting furniture during your college days is always exciting. However, what do you do with it when you graduate and want to have a cuter apartment? That was my dilemma with this Target computer desk. I'd long since mutilated the top with craft knives cutting billions of poster boards for art projects. It's been painted twice, handed over to my boyfriend for a short stint (where it was highly abused) then finally showed back up at my apartment when I started a new job. It was looking pretty sad. Here's the before picture.

Yeah. It's pretty bad. I'd painted it white and brown with some leftover house paint, but it just emphasized the leaning shelves and horrible drips. So I bought a few cans of chocolate spray paint and went to town! The top couldn't be salvaged, however, because of all the slices. So I picked out some pretty fabric and used my old faithful standby, Mod Podge to seal it on my desk. Now it's a great rough surface that "heals" when I cut on it, and looks so bright and colorful that I can't help but cheer up every time I work!

I went ahead and bought some cheap cork boards and magnet boards from walmart, and covered them in some coordinating fabric from hobby lobby. I wanted to line up the top so it was the same height as my fab IKEA mirror, so it left me with a little space between the two groups. My solution was to print out 4x4 squares of a color from the fabric and a word in a cute font that I found inspiring. It also serves to hide the light switch. Then I just popped in my sewing machine and a hot pink phone dock and voila! A cute desk revamp. It makes my room so much happier.

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