Saturday, January 9, 2010

Makeover: College-style bedroom

Working at a college property can be tough, but living at one post-degree? It can be a huge blow on your self esteem. Here you are, thinking you're moving up in the world and can finally start nesting like a grown up. But no, you're stuck with plywood cabinets, squeaky doors and formica countertops just like the old days. Well, maybe better, as I'm no longer in a place with emerald green shag carpet. Luckily, my place lets me paint, apply vinyls, and generally do anything I want decor-wise so long as its back to basic on moveout. So here's what i did to spruce the place up:

I've already talked about my snazzy desk revamp. Plus I love my tried and true IKEA mirror, and some cheap chocolate drapes to keep the peepers out (yes, we actually had a peeping tom here, creepy). I added a Target lamp to add some extra light to sew by when the ceiling fan isn't enough.
There's really not too much you can do with exercise equipment. I love my elliptical, so I wanted to keep it nearby where I could exercise without my roommate and all his beerbuddies watching. I ordered some vinyl circles from Etsy seller tweetheartwallart in green and brown to match my fabric and paint.

Oh glorious paint! Lime green and hot pink. Ain't nothin better! Seeing these walls every morning makes me smile. My room feels more personal with powder blue furniture and bright colors everywhere. I heart color. And the finishing touch on the walls is my art-turned-jewelry displaySo that's it! My recipe to spice up a dorm-style apartment. Though still counting down the days until I'm back in a house.

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