Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a New Dawn

Well, since it's now 45 minutes to a new day, I'll make it the dawn anyway. It's my blog, I get to make the rules! Especailly the ones where I can pose inspirational pictures of my boxer. She finally learned how to jump on the bed by herself. At seven months old. She's a slow learner. But that's not what this post is about.

 I finally did it. I took the leap. I decided to quit my 9-5 and freelance full time. It was a scary decision. No more regularly scheduled income. Not that it was that great in the first place, but it was reliable. But it was certainly past due. I did not enjoy being a leasing agent. I came home exhausted from acting fake-chipper, dealing with whiny, spoiled students, and navigating my horrendously moody and fake regional supervisor. Having residents vandalize my car because they know where I live (on property) and what I drive, so when they get angry at the office they can easily take it out on me. And I was just done with the schoolday drama that workplaces can be. So I took the chance. It's probably not the best time, but when is it ever? I always kept putting it off. So now it's time to put up or shut up. And I intend to make it work. If this is what I want to do, then now is the time to take my last chance and see if I can really make it out there on my own. So please, if you have any graphic design needs, contact me. Comment here, email me, look at my website. Help this woman find financial, and personal, independence.

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