Monday, January 11, 2010

Boots and Barbeque, aka the Sand Dollar Wedding

(sources, from top left - Rings, Invitations, Barbecue, Bouquet, Picnic, Barn, Frame, Cans, Gazebo, Bridesmaids)

I'm not really a ritzy kinda gal. My favorite places to eat are locally owned, I love consignment shops and parks. So after getting engaged, I already started dreaming about my perfect wedding: Rustic Summer Barbecue in the Park. Basically more of a big ol' party than a fancy-pants wedding. We've already picked the perfect place, a huge pavilion in a park by a river filled with picnic tables and a stage for our band, the Midnight River Choir. In my head I see two-stepping under thousands of christmas lights, tin-can luminaries on tables covered in butcher paper people can doodle on, horseshoes and washers pinging in the background, boots and hats and s'mores and pie.

I'll have nine months and about four grand to pull everything together. Sometimes it feels like I'm on one of those old-school wedding shows from TLC when you have two weeks and a tiny budget to throw the wedding of your dreams. Anybody remember what that was called? All that comes to mind is the episode where they had the cannoli cake and I drooled for hours. Progress is moving, and in the end I can have a comparison Polyvore collage of my inspiration vs. execution. And I know the second one will be even better than the first!

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