Saturday, January 30, 2010

Booth Display: Wedding Monograms

Have I mentioned that I have my first booth at the Lakeside Bridal Fair coming up? Hm, no? Not in pretty much every other post on my blog? Oh, yeah I have! And I can't help it, I'm just so excited to be part of the action. I'm hoping to get some good business out of it too. But I have to admit I'm scared silly. There are thousands of stationers out there. What's going to make them want to pick me?


I'm hoping it's going to be my creative presentation! Please ignore the busy background of crafting materials, and the calendar with my workout schedule on it. But I thought it would be cute to make my booth a play on my business name. Little beans in pots will hold up my monograms. I'm thinking of having white porcelain trays covered in beans to lay my invitations on. So brides can pick them up and take a closer look, beyond just flipping through binder pages. As far as the rest of my booth, I'm still in the concept phase. Intimidated by filling the 10x10 space all by my lonesome, I've asked a fellow fledgling artist to share the space with me. She's a photographer, so I think the images will complement my design nicely. And maybe having a dual purpose will draw us more traffic. Fingers crossed!

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