Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And Now For A Public Service Announcement...

I make no secret that I'm a survivor of domestic abuse. My story is common, more so than you might think. Though I had to deal with severe emotional and increasingly physical abuse, many women all around you deal with emotional and verbal abuse.

Recently I had to help a friend leave her abusive husband. It was a hard road for her, and she spent a lot of time talking to her counselor to come to this decision. When she asked me if I would help her pack and take her to the airport in secret, I agreed without any hesitation. I felt that I was put in this position to help her. I don't for a second regret my decision. I want to take a moment to spread awareness about the seriousness of emotional abuse. It's severely detrimental to physical and emotional health. If you know of anyone who may be suffering, (even yourself) please take a look at this website to know the major warning signs. I cannot express enough just how important it is to get the word out to all the women in your life (and men too, emotional abuse often transcends gender). And if you know someone who is being abused, please take them seriously when they ask for help. And be prepared to deal with the fallout. It will be one of the most rewarding yet demanding things you ever do.

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