Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twilight Madness

Yes, I confess, I'm a Twilighter. I loved the books, and saw the movie in theaters three times. Please don't judge me, I swear I like normal things too, like running and fishing and canoeing and a good margarita. I just finished up these bad boys for my etsy shop and a couple of boutiques in Rockwall. Let's hope they sell!

I totally have a soft spot for Jacob. Not too much because I think he belongs with Bella or anything, I just like his character. He's a cutie.

Team Edward. You know. Just in case. I like Edward, of course. But my boyfriend is a Jacob and he's much happier when I pimp that tee around town ;)

Vamp it Up. Cause who doesn't need to do that every now and then??

And for the dreamers out there, Mrs. Cullen. I would personally be thrilled to have an immortal, gorgeous, mind-reading husband. He'd probably take care of the dishes more often.

I'm really hoping these are a hit in my etsy shop, they're pretty cute in my opinion and I'd love to be able to make more creative shirts like this, instead of always printing for someone else. But we'll see!

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