Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Midnight River Choir Tshirt Printing

It's always a good idea to spread the word to everyone you know when you're starting a new business. I had just finished testing my new Yudu when my boyfriend put me in contact with a band his best friend plays the drums in. Apparently he heard they were having a hard time finding someone to print tshirts, and he let them know that I was just the woman for the job. Ain't that sweet? He totally got a very generous thank you for that one ;)

I'm still having a hard time applying my emulsion perfectly on the first try, but I got the hang of it on the second try. I just hope I figure out the secret soon so I can stop wasting my emulsion sheets! They supplied black shirts to be printed with a white design (specifically "cocaine white", which was an interesting color request. But I suppose I achieved it, what do you think?), and black ringer tees with a black ink athletic design. I printed a few other styles as "market research", since I've never seen a girl too excited to don a baggy shirt making her look two cup sizes smaller. So I chose a bright peacock blue for a white tank, and then a black tank with the white design. They look pretty good, no? I'm wearing one to their gig tonight in hopes I get a new order. They were great to work for, totally laid back and pumped about the end product. I'd definitely be excited in working with them on more merchandise, koozies anyone?

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